Our Passionate Team

Manoj Deebak
Founder / Business Analyst

The humorous person who enjoys entertaining his fellow team members regardless of his position. The "wide-thinker" who always thinks out of the box and now that's recapitualting in elobrating his team to an incredible level. He's also named as a "Foodie Guide" who guides his team vigorously to improve their individual career growth along with the team.

Manager - Operations

The "Non-Veg" hater who enjoys treating his team members according to their favours. He fights like a child for silly issues but he's a very good care-taker towards the team. Overall, he's a humorous person but he never fails to be a responsible head.

Surya Prakash
Tech Lead

He's the Foodie No.1 you might be searching for. The fun-filled entertainer of the team who keeps attracting the clients by his analytical developments. He's also called as a bubbly boy who's an another piller of the team. He's not punctual at his time keeping but in his commitment towards the work.

Team Leader

The selfi - queen who never forgets to appreciate herself. She's so restless in whatever she does and so she never takes rest until she completes her task. She's very choosy about things and so she strives hard to choose the best out of her developmental skill.

Raj Kumar
Senior Software Engineer

He is the "Tongue Twister" in our team who's tongue always twist when he speaks but that never happens in his work. He's the Ice Breaker who always keeps silent but only comes with great ideas. The "Good Chef", who also cooks his tasty technical skills delicious.

Senior Front-End Developer

She is "a smurf" of our team, but she laughs to the moon. she is very much addicted to the stuffs that she likes, then you may imagine the love she might have towards the duty on her job role. She cant stand still for a minute but she's the strongest person in the team in delivering colourful and attractive layouts.

Human Resources

Brother’s little angel and youngest among the team. Foodie No.2 who dares to attempt Food challenges. Her nature of going in search of good food reflects in her recruiting skills too. Passionate, career oriented and organize things professionally which projects her as “Woman Hitler”

UX/UI Designer

The “Ambidextrous” who loves to do handicrafts, well known for her punctuality, not much talkative but her works speaks a lot. She conveys things short and neat which also reflects in her designing skills. Good observer with a positive attitude and people love her positivity.

PHP Developer

‘Junior Thangadurai’ of our team, well known for his "Mokka Jokes" and of course a loyal friend. He never speaks unwantedly unless we raise a conversation, slow & steady worker with a neat output. Work load never spoils his cool nature, his sincerity in everything helps him to grow & reach heights.