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Smart voice based CRM Will help more Productivity .

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testware_twicstawk_logoTwics tawk can gear up your business today & tomorrow. Connect your team and your data on one view, one platform, from any device so everyone knows what's their update ! Twics tawk delivers a new system of workflow for sellers .

Integrated Customer Support

Unlike general purpose digital assistants that cater to a wide range of consumer interest, Twics Tawk is specialized: trained to support discussions tailored to the sales domain, seller persona, and enterprise terminology.

Real Time Customer Positioning

Ensures the highest rate of accuracy by incorporating knowledge about the user, their preferences, and past conversation history to better understand.

Lightining Performance

Our CRM solution will quickly realize an incoming call and notifies with an incoming call pop up on the agent dashboard. Comparitively our system will be faster and more accurate in fetching and displaying customer data's.

The Ideal Platform for Customer care

Accelerate sales and customer In-flow with our User-friendly Real Time IVR integrated Customer Engagement Platform.

It’s an entirely new way to work and talk with your customers; driving revenue growth, sales productivity and the customer experience. This Platform allows you and your IT team to integrate your apps and your people to create friction free workflows, with complete control of your data. Moving beyond traditional speech transcription and commands, Voice Intelligence delivers conversation-driven workflows that allow sellers to control their enterprise applications.

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We are at the heart of the
Sales Automation.

Twics Twak can automate tasks and enhance marketing efforts to customers at different points in the lifecycle, when you get new leads, follow on prospecting, and targeting are all included. Unlimited email campaigning is included in the Pro edition, so you can target and segment your customers and leads and send out as many promotions or notifications, newsletters and more with no limits. You can even hook up your existing POP and SMTP email accounts and send and receive email directly with the CRM.

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Salient Features

Voice Call

Simply click to dial and talk and then disposition the call and move on to the other lead. Our Voice CRM dialing with integrated lead management lets you fly through prospects and convert more leads into customers. With the Voice dialing feature you do not slow down and the phone does not get in the way, the CRM data is at your fingertips making it easy to click dial and sell.

Calls Tracking

Call tracking reports and Call Scripting are also part of Twics Tawk and we deliver an impressive amount of call tracking and automation features. It is simple to set up call scripts for your agents and set up custom call flows and dispositions. Set reminders and group invitations to calls; you can manage it all with our powerful call reports.

Alerts & Reminders

The system is smart and can send you alerts and reminders about events, calls, or deadlines in the system. You can also set up alerts in the system to let everyone know when certain information has been changed or re-assigned. Get instant alerts and reminders via email or SMS and keep everyone on the same page and up to date with the latest information.


Reporting is done in a variety of means in the CRM, The CRM reporting also has advanced call reporting features and activity and audit reports throughout the system.If that’s not enough you can use our custom reporting tool, which lets you design print-perfect reports for top management.

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