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Understanding log data baselines and any departure from them is a critical monitoring component. Using Twics AIM cloud-based, big data architecture, time spans of log data are normalized and compared to short and long-term baselines.

Don't Missed Opportunities

Real-time alerts can be set up to determine missed sales opportunities due to unwanted issues. to avoid and make an action to prevent further profit loss.

Leads on High-Value Products/Services

Internal alerts or workflows can be triggered based on product interest. If a customer is looking for a highly-valued product, or an item/service with a high margin, a sales team member can get a text message or email with suggested actions.

Fraud Detection

If your application accepts coupons, you can even begin checking for fraud in real time. When a coupon code is used multiple times in the same location or with the same IP address, a general manager can get an alert to the problem.

Notify the customers

Unified alerts inbox presents user with unified view of anomaly, alarm and threshold alerts to help prioritize which ones are most important to Send a notification to a user who still has items in their shopping cart, with details on what they added during their last visit to the website.

Ontime sense and response

Big data-powered, instantaneous alerting that covers complex situations! we create the system which have capability to handle complex rules at high volume EPS (events per second) ensures their customers receive real-time actionable alerts delivered to their inbox, ticketing system, or text, and viewable in system.

Digitally Forward for alerts

Real-time Alerts

Pattern-Based Alerts

Receive alerts when specified patterns appear in your logs.we create a pattern based on each design it seen before an alert is triggered.

Inactivity Alerts

Find out when an expected event or scheduled job does not occur. Inactivity alerts tell you immediately when things don’t happen as they should.

Anomaly Detection

Its constantly analyzing your system behavior. With Anomaly Detection, you’ll be notified if something unusual occurs or system behavior changes. You have full control over which events twics analyzes and alert thresholds.

Weekly Reporting

With US’ weekly automated reports, you’ll receive a regular snapshot of your log sources and usage behavior without lifting a finger.

About Alerts

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We offers you customizable alerts so you can stay on top of your important data's in an efficient manner. Each alert is in real time and contains a link to your dashboard for further evaluation of the metric you are following. You can instantly be notified of any metric change, or for any individual session that fulfills a condition (such as a crash).

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