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Payment Gateway Integration

We propose a digital payment gateway as one step solution for your financial transaction problems. We provide integrations of various payment gateway platforms such as PayPal, Amazon pay, Gpay, UPI, Stripe, etc… We integrate the right payment gateway solution for all your business needs.
Testware Informatics presents the best digital payment services for all your transactions. We are a Payment gateway Integration Company providing international payment processing services, bulk payments instantly, digital payment services, payout solutions, and so on.
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Digital Payment Methods

Use cashless payment methods to make your financial transaction through our enlarged payment gateway integration services. We make your transaction more convenient by payment integration process for all your online purchases.


Instant fund

Instant fund transfer allows you to send cash to a receiver. We are payment gateway providers who present an enhanced service for instant transfer through paypal, gpay, phonepay, PayUmoney, instomojo, cashfree, Paytm, DirectPay, Authorize.Net and payment wallets.



We help businesses to send securely thousands of payments at scale and also provide trustworthy services for all your payment needs. Ensure fast, precise mass installments to providers around the globe with negligible records payable exertion.


Recurring Payments

To help merchants, recurring billing plays an important role in customer retention. On considering payment options, recurring payments are preferred because it provides autopay.Moreover payment gateway helpful for individuals who have an eCommerce platform.

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Testware informatics offers the highest number of payment gateway platforms in world via a single integration including Pay Later, PayTM, Cardless EMI and even recurring subscription payments. testware is the company which integrated world class payment gateway's that offers instant refunds versus the industry standard this ensures merchants are able to delight their customers while running business operations smoothly.

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Solution Provider

Testware Informatics is one of the best digital payment companies that offer extensive solutions in online payment platforms for the users who can pay the way they want. Moreover, Users can pay based on subscription plans by the payment links that created by us.

Route enables you to easily split incoming payments to individual accounts, make vendor payouts, manage marketplace, money flow and much more using powerful APIs. We provide invoices for all your digital payment transactions and also establish repayments for unsatisfied purchases. We enable you to get ease payments and checkouts via API. We create reports and track payments to provide information for users.