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It is quite evident that if you want to communicate better, APIs are the way to go. But if they are designed badly then it might increase confusion. So we put best efforts to design well and rest is just the implementation.



An API is the base of all the apps that deal with data or enable communication between two products or services. It empowers a application to share its data with other application Because of these factors, So we developers and business leaders focus on API development.



Possibly the most important safeguard during third party API integration is to ensure that you periodically test and monitor the application programming interface.



The world is full of APIs and APIs, there is still a major gap in utilizing the perks of API. While some APIs make integration to the app a breeze, other turns it into a nightmare. To help you out in this manner we here for make live the integrations

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Testware Informatics can connect to a wide range of systems and services. Our solutions are suited to many different types of businesses looking to integrate internal and external databases, CRM systems, Accounting & ERP systems. Our flagship Payment Gateway integration solutions help entrepreneurs to integrate their online business models with the majority of the leading payment platforms. Please contact us to discuss how we can help provide a bespoke integration.

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Connecting is easy. Integrating is hard.


Enhancing the functionality is most important thing ever to efficiently meet eCommerce trends and functionality via APIs.

Accounting & ERP

ERP applications are need 3rd party apps to get more functionality so for that the application need an integration.

Cloud Services

A cloud API serves as a gateway for the application to integrate the data and server interface that provides direct and indirect cloud infrastructure and software services to users.


For a CRM system to provide a true 360-degree customer view and actions, it should seamlessly integrate with all relevant enterprise applications.


There are number API's are available in marketplace, If we integrate with those api system will get more accessible to customers.

Web Services

A Web service is merely an API wrapped in HTTP. An API doesn’t always need to be web based. An API consists of a complete set of rules and specifications for a software program to follow in order to facilitate interaction.


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